The Business

A creative at heart, with a love for working with my hands, I’ve always prefered an unfussed approach to jewellery. I was forever searching for accessories that fulfilled my own style needs. With a very critical eye and a love of balance, quality and the art of real craftsmanship, I started Lauren Clark Jewellery which has evolved into Lauren Clark Designs with a digital platform and retail presence in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Proof that the pieces I create really are ageless, my daughter Georgia is my co-designer and together our partnership has sparked a collection that’s available online, via retailers locally and internationally and through the personal presence of much-loved pop up shops.

The Brand

In a world of fast, throw-away fashion, Lauren Clark Designs remains committed to classic pieces that hold their own. This means longevity in a society that hasn’t treasured the notion of sustainability. Our aim is creating pieces that, even 10 years after their birth, are still valued. Like a good wine, they age well. And all this is done with accessibility in mind; the balance of quality jewellery at an affordable price means adding to your Lauren Clark wardrobe is done easily. The style of our pieces also makes layering seamless. I thrive on attaining balance in my designs, and envisage jewellery that can be worn alone or with other pieces in the collection. I also adore contrast, and leather – a durable material that ages well when cared for properly – is very much part of our brand DNA. So too is the process of design and manufacture and most of the hard-wear is created in Cape Town. Quality is such a dull word but so comforting at the same time. I am very particular about the finishes of my designs and do a lot of the final touches myself to ensure endurance.

The Bee

At the core of the collection is the Bee Mine range, with its sense of harmony both in nature and design. The bee symbolises community, wisdom and creativity. For the wearer we hope these pieces inspire a journey of discovery, individuality and awareness of self. As a mother-and-daughter small business, the bee’s virtues have been the essence of our creative venture. Bees represent the hard work that needs to done in order for anything worthwhile to bloom. The brightness of bees keeps us uplifted, reminding us of why we do what we do: the joy of creation.