A narrative of love, Lauren created the Mama Chic collection as an expression of her own experiences of having and raising children. A journey which begins well before birth, connecting you forever, the pieces are meant for everyday wear. A reminder of the certainty of the bonds between mother and child, Mama Chic is a natural fit to your existing jewellery wardrobe. Add to the Lauren Clark Design pieces you already love, or enjoy them on their own, Mama Chic is all about celebration. There’s nothing quite like a mother, and certainly nothing like being one.


A natural body and home range using a combination of Neroli, Lavender and Geranium essential oils. Pure clean balance of fragrance with all the benefits of the the pure ingredients. Make your space a place of calm and relaxation.

Based in Cape Town, Lauren Clark Designs was established in 2007, born out of a love for unique design and the art of craftsmanship.  With a passion for stylish simplicity and uncompromising use of the best raw material, Sterling Silver, genuine leather and real gem stones.  The brand is timeless.

Lauren Clark Designs is the design collective of mother and daughter team, Lauren and Georgie Clark.  Their designs transcend age with customers from 16 to 60, adopting the attitude that age is merely a number.

“Trends are there to inspire and not dictate”